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Becoming a chorister

Being a chorister at St. Peter’s is highly rewarding and great fun. Choristers develop valuable life skills and gain self-confidence while receiving a unique musical education.

Choristerships are free of charge. No previous musical experience is necessary. We welcome boys and girls aged 7+ who show enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and get involved.

Applicants are invited to join the choir for rehearsals for a few weeks to see how everything works. After this, if everything has gone well, they are offered a choristership and begin an experience which will enrich their lives.

The benefits of choristership include:

  • a unique musical education
  • excellent vocal training
  • RSCM Award and AB Theory training
  • confidence
  • crucial life skills (such as teamwork, responsibility and leadership)
  • academic skills (such as literacy, numeracy and languages)
  • new friendships
  • activities, trips, and concerts

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Our choristers attend local schools, currently including: