The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

St Peter’s Church Development Project

(No. 1169510)

St Peter’s Church Development Project is a distinguished charity that welcomes the community to engage, participate and benefit from St Peter’s Church, its beautiful Chapel of the Resurrection and the historic grounds. Alongside renovating and restoring this wonderful Victorian building, the charity seeks to make the building fit for modern and diverse community purposes. By creating a significant safe space the charity aims to transform peoples lives and the wider community through art, culture, education, literature, music and philosophy. The organisation is led and managed by local volunteers.

Mission:  To renovate, restore, enhance and preserve St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth including its historical chapel and grounds; in order to serve the community and help advance cultural capital, provide help to those in need and to aid people to succeed in contemporary society.

Vision:  To develop a signi cant listed historic building, chapel and grounds bringing life-changing transformation to the community through art, culture, education, literature, music and philosophy.

Values:  All can access its activities which encourages growth, celebrates diversity and encourages community participation.

Strategic Plan:  This strategic plan maps the aims of the charity, the factors which support and enable its achievements. Our values and shared sense of responsibility to the community will ensure that the charity is capable of developing future opportunities to positively impact the town


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Fundraising Framework:  

Fundraising Framework_st peters_2023a

Key Policies: 

SAFEGUARDING – BTCP Child Protection Policy

SAFEGUARDING – BTCP Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy


Reserves Policy SPCDP

Charity Commission:

St Peter’s Church Development Project