The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Development Project

The St. Peter’s Development Project is an exciting programme that is taking place over the next few years. It seeks to:

  • Welcome and encourage more people into this very special place
  • Restore the wonderful Victorian building, designed by Street and embellished by Burne-Jones, Bodley and Comper
  • Renovate and and promote the wider use of the beautiful Chapel of the Resurrection, designed by Comper
  • Enhance the grounds, their landscape, and their historic features
  • Restore the superlative 1914 Harrison and Harrison organ, and promote music and arts partnerships
  • Provide a Community Café
  • Make the building fit for modern and diverse purposes by improving the heating, lighting and acoustics
  • Develop a literature and music centre to celebrate our Shelley, Wollstonecraft and Parry connections.

Stone and Voice is a Heritage Lottery Fund supported project led by St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth as part of the St Peter’s Church Development Project.  The Stone and Voice project will tell the story of the Grade II listed Chapel of the Resurrection, the men who fought in World War I who are commemorated in St. Peter’s, and the chapel architect, Sir Ninian Comper. The Resurrection Chapel was a World War I war memorial and mortuary chapel which stands in the churchyard of St. Peter’s Church.

Easter Sunday – Message from the Rector

Dear Friends, “The Lord is risen, Alleluia!” – and we all reply to this oldest of Christian greetings: “He is risen indeed, Alleluia!” Holy Week brings before us just so much.  It is more than we can cope with; and it is entirely right that should be so. Earlier this week, I recorded for us, […]