The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Weekly Message from the Rector – Sunday 4th July 2021

Dear Friends,  Bible Study always repays the time we give to it.  Lucinda and I greatly enjoy welcoming to our garden (18 Wimborne Road) anyone who would like to join our mid-week Bible Study at 4pm on Wednesdays.  A group of us have been getting under the surface of what St John’s Gospel is all about, using Tom […]

Weekly Message from the Rector – St Peter’s Day – June 27th 2021 – John 21

Dear Friends, On Sunday, 27th June, St Peter’s Day: 8am Communion at St Peter’s. 10am St Peter’s: Patronal Festival Eucharist: I shall preside and The Rev’d Dr Paul Collins will preach. 10am St Augustin’s: The Rev’d Dr David Wheeler will preside and preach. 10.45am St Stephen’s:  The Rev’d Stephen Holmes will preside and preach. If you […]

Weekly message from the rector – Sunday 13th June – Second Sunday After Trinity

Dear Friends, This Sunday, 13th June, is Trinity 2.   Services ‘in person’ will be as follows in our three churches, and there will continue to be a video offering on the usual YouTube channel.  Follow this link: SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY SERVICE and PRAYERS OF INTERCESSION 8am Communion at St Peter’s Church, in the Keble Chapel.  10am at St Peter’s: I […]

Weekly message from the rector – Sunday 6th June – First Sunday After Trinity

Dear Friends, In April last year, Tom Roberts released a poem on YouTube which has since been viewed tens of millions of times. I shared it with St Peter’s congregation in July and waved his book around, commending it to all and sundry. Called, ‘The Great Realisation’, it’s now been translated into dozens of languages.  […]

Weekly Message from the Rector – Trinity Sunday – 30th May 2021

Dear Friends, We live in ‘in-between’ time, neither totally locked down, nor yet completely free of restrictions, and that liminal place, of neither one thing nor the other, is not the most comfortable place in which to be.  To be sure, we can do all sorts of things, in terms of hospitality, travelling and amenities, that […]

Message from the Rector – The Sixth Sunday of Easter – 9th May 2021

Dear Friends, Within this next ten days, we welcome one of the Church’s major festivals, Ascension Day (and I shall share Malcom Guite’s poem about The Ascension with you shortly), we also have an annual opportunity to focus on supporting in prayer and finance the worldwide work for justice and peace of Christian Aid (and my video of intercessions […]

The Fifth Sunday of Easter Reflections – Sunday 2nd May 2021

Dear Friends, Let me share with you Malcom Guite’s poem, ‘I am the Vine’, which stimulates reflection around our Gospel reading for this Sunday, 2nd May: John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye […]