The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

FINALISTS – National Churches Awards 2022

What brilliant news that St Peter’s Church has been shortlisted for two categories in this year’s awards! To be even considered was exciting but to be shortlisted an honour, when looking at all of the other’s in the categories from across the United Kingdom. Whether we win or not, our projects have been recognised by such a recognised body for the sea change they have delivered to our community, and so we are winners not matter then end result.

A proud day and recognition to all the volunteers who have given their time, skill and energy to transforming this neglected space. Well done all!

Church volunteer awards

The Church and Community Volunteer Awards are run in partnership with the Marsh Charitable Trust. These awards celebrate the vital contribution which volunteers make to both looking after and making best use of churches to benefit local communities and people. 

Judges are looking for innovative and engaging activities which involve the wider community and are looking for a winner from each of the home nations; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Bournemouth : Urban Green Project

Our Urban Gardening Team have worked in the grounds on the green project for two years in all weathers. The volunteers are church goers, community volunteers, Bournemouth Rotary Club and members of the local homeless and transient community. They have cleared excess vegetation, planted a wildlife and a heritage trail. Regular meeting up, the purpose of the work and support and friendship of their fellow volunteers has been hugely beneficial to their health during past difficult years.

Church tourism awards

We believe that churches should be open and welcoming for visitors to explore. Every church can give a warm welcome and has a story to tell. Millions of people visit churches every year; whether popping in on a day trip or as part of a walk, attending a wedding, or as a church crawler or heritage explorer.

This is the first year for these awards and they are open to all churches, chapels and meeting houses across the UK.

Bournemouth : St Peter

I have been a member of the congregation for about 16 years and have seen the church evolve. It has become much more than just a place to go to every Sunday morning. It has become an integral part of the town and a catalyst for so many things.

We are open every day of the year for prayer and reflection. There is a constant stream of visitors from Britain and overseas to the church and the Shelley grave. The volunteers are spread throughout the building and grounds. They are very proactive and happily approach and greet visitors, provide them the new wildlife and heritage trails. We have installed picnic tables and benches in the grounds.