The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Welcome to St. Peter’s – Bournemouth’s Parish Church

Sadly but necessarily, all public worship except authorised church funerals will now cease until further notice. Church social activities, concerts, governance meetings (PCC and DCC), choir, and bellringers gatherings must now not happen until further notice.  Church buildings will be, as much as is reasonably possible, kept open during daylight hours for prayer. Please see here for more information.

St Peter’s is a warm, lively and inclusive church in the open and liberal catholic tradition of the Church of England. We cherish education, music and literature, and we are evangelistic in our desire to embed personal prayer and Bible-study in the church culture and the life of our town.

Standing in the very centre of Bournemouth, we aspire to be the focus of Christian worship and of debates about religion, politics, and morality for all who live, study, work and visit here. Come and explore for yourself!