The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Distant Lands – An afternoon/evening concert from BU/AUB Universities Music Chamber Choir & Soloists

Through continued technological progress and innovation, the world, in many ways, has never seemed smaller. For global tourists, the relative ease and comfort of travel has made once impossible journeys commonplace experience. Through ever-present modes of media and communication, we have come to be familiar with unknown places and peoples. Yet for all this progress, our world remains mapped by the physical, political and cultural boundaries integral to the history of humankind, and journeys initiated by desperate circumstances remain as everyday as those inspired by the spirit of discovery.

This sequence contemplates the concept of physical and philosophical ‘distant lands’ through experiences of adventure, discovery, exploration, migration and displacement. Moving between past and present, we will explore the tensions between home and away, conquest and liberty, unity and otherness in this journey of words and music to the distant lands of our own knowledge and imagination.