The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Routine Advice for Home Working

In the midst of what could be a protracted period of isolation for many, Gareth Sherwood Chief Executive Officer, YMCA Bournemouth says; “I recommend setting up a routine. If you are working from home or in isolation, get up at the normal time. Make the usual breakfast, read, make a phone call or catch up on the news.”

If you are working from home, make a coffee or tea, shower, spend time in prayer if you do, get dressed. Put on some music, open the windows or put on some suitable background noise such as the radio, and start at the normal time.

Call a colleague or video call your team (this will make sure you are dressed and presentable) and make that early connection. Work through your routine tasks and do your best to keep a consistency, making calls to others, not just depending on emails alone. Go for a walk before lunch or spend some time working out, make sure that you get up multiple times during the day and don’t just sit at a desk. Connect with your team again in the afternoon and make sure if you feel lonely that you take steps early to notify your boss.  Watch your thoughts for circular thinking, anxiety, fixating on issues and drifting concentration.  Finish at a routine time and then follow some instructions below.

If you are isolating or after work, create a routine with times to indulge in a hobby, gardening, DIY (low risk), read a book, make some calls; some to the same people and some to different people, video preferred, go for a walk every day, learn to cook to create more variety and teach yourself something such as a new language, a subject etc.

Keep that brain, body and soul learning and exercising. if you get lonely, speak to your family and friends early so that they may know to call you more often.

Stay well not just physically but mentally folks.