The Civic and Parish Church of Bournemouth

Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival is back at St Peter’s Church this September.

St Peter’s is once again taking part in the Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival and has the pleasure of welcoming into the St Peter’s South Porch area an immersive installation by south coast-based artist, Guy Dowsett, who invites us to consider the sonic wonder of the living world via an immersive, audial experience.

Guests can stand under Dowsett’s sonic structure in the South Porch where, through the spatial and reactive design, you’ll hear hundreds of insects, birds and other creatures call out in a vast and entrancing tapestry of living sound in what Dowsett calls a ‘biophony’. This represents a world where for millennia, humans lived in forests, surrounded by all kinds of animals calling out to their own kind from above us in the trees and all around. Today, humans have journeyed into a habitat more barren, without trees, and where most of the sound we hear is our own. But when we return to the sonic richness of a fertile forest, we begin to remember.

Also a musician and composer, Guy Dowsett’s work is inspired by travels to faraway places, diving into cultures and living and breathing what enters the senses. Collecting and absorbing sounds and influence whilst studying in Helsinki and Melbourne, he has contributed to projects in music, theatre, film and circus.